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I’m Jo, founder of B-Rox Crafts and creator of the kids Magical Crafting Club!


I started B-Rox Crafts to connect with other crafty enthusiasts who love looking for thrifty ways to craft, upcycle & repurpose  - turning things into other things, just like magic!


Like many of you out there, creativity is at my core.  I’ve always loved searching thrift stores for random objects and materials and channelling my imagination to create beautiful gifts and now I get to do what I love for a living 



I’m extremely passionate about kids and families making time to bond and create fun memories while encouraging development through problem solving and building social skills.  Crafting promotes all of this as well as general well-being.  Our kids Magical Crafting Club supports child development following the STEAM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths)


Meet the team


Meet our Mascot - Mini Magical

Mini Magical loves to create arts and craft with kids and teach you all about the best ways to collect things from around your homes and turn them into other things - just like magic

Let's learn together!

Jo's Nieces.jpeg

Amy & Olivia

Amy and Olivia, my two nieces, were part of my inspiration for the Magical Crafting Club. 

Both have super creative minds and love nothing more than rummaging around my craft stock of old bits and pieces and turning things into other things - just like Mini Magical! Expect to see their happy faces many times on my videos and photos.

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