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Crafting & Mindfulness:  The mental health benefits of crafting


Have you heard about the benefits of mindfulness?  Maybe you haven’t or maybe you have, but there might be some you haven’t considered before.  This blog will talk about mindfulness and how crafting has so many amazing benefits for your mental well-being.  It’s always important to think about ways to maintain good mental well-being, even more during the COVID-19.


Have a think to yourself as you read through this article about some of the thoughts, emotions and experiences you have been having.  Perhaps some may have been heightened by COVID-19.  Maybe feelings of stress and anxiety, maybe feeling lonely or isolated, maybe feel frustrated or overwhelmed.  Everyone will have their own personal experiences, particularly those which have occurred during COVID-19. 


Now let’s think about mindfulness and what that actually means.  How can we think and behave mindfully and what are the benefits of doing so? 


You might already enjoy going for a mindful walk or perhaps you meditate and use breath work.  Being able to focus on the breath either from the nose or as the breath rises and falls in the abdomen are often used as methods to help ground you. 


However, now you have learned that crafting is another great way to bring the same sense of calm and focused attention to your life which can help with stress management, emotional awareness and self-development.

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