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Kids After School Club, Holiday Club, Family Crafting & Crafty Parties

Explore our kids craft activities and classes hosted in Glasgow Bishopbriggs Free Church.  Get creative with our Magical Crafting Club classes, After School Craft Club, Holiday Club,Family Crafting and Crafty Parties!

Magical Crafting Club

The Magical Crafting Club is more than just crafts. We engage kids in educational, fun and interactive crafting sessions both online and in-person. 

They'll get to socialise with other kids whilst developing their super skills and to express their ever expanding adverturous imaginations.  They'll feel excited and proud of themselves as show off their masterpieces! 

Explore all our Crafting Classes,Holiday Club & Crafty Parties  

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After School Craft Club 


Kids are always looking for new ways to express themselves & build on their imaginations.There's no better way than crafting.They'll be running out the door to show off their masterpieces.

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Holiday Club


Bring your kids along to join in on the fun of crafting, they build their imagination, confidence & super skills while bonding through creative crafts

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Crafty Parties

Crafty Party Box


Looking for something completely different for your kids party?  We've got you covered with parties for all occasions 

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