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Updated: Mar 25

Conservation of Trees:

 By using recycled paper, we can help conserve trees and protect natural forests from excessive logging.

Energy Conservation:

 Recycling paper generally consumes less energy compared to manufacturing. This helps reduce the overall environmental impact of paper production.

⭐Reduction in Pollution:

The paper production process, can contribute to air and water pollution. Recycling paper helps minimise the release of harmful chemicals into the environment, leading to a cleaner and healthier ecosystem.

⭐Landfill Reduction:

When paper is not recycled, it often ends up in landfills.

⭐Water Conservation:

The paper-making process requires large amounts of water. By recycling paper, we can reduce the demand for fresh water in the production process, contributing to water conservation efforts.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint:

Cutting down fewer trees and using recycled paper helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with the paper industry.


Magical Crafting Club

Kids S.T.E.A.M craft club for ages 4.5-12yrs

Teaching kids the art of turning things into other things just like MAGIC, using recycled materials

Keep up to date with all our classes and follow us on our socials!!

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