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It doesn’t need to cost a fortune for you or your kids to start collecting amazing supplies, from up-cycling furniture to the kids crafting a castle from old boxes and toilet roll tubes

✂Check out some of my fun ways on how you can source lots of crafty bits

RAID THE RECYCLING – Rather than buying cardboard etc , use what you already have or get your family involved by collecting items like , Cardboard / cereal boxes, toilet rolls, egg cartons, milk bottle tops, gift boxes, food jars and anything you think can come in useful

NATURAL MATERIALS – Go on a walk like a mini treasure hunt for natural materials. Sticks, leaves , acorns , flowers and stones as these make great things to have in your craft box

SECOND HAND – Hit your local charity shops as you often find interesting items for crafting or up- cycling from old furniture, photo frames , jars, materials, gift bags, loose craft items and more

⭐ TRASH FOR BARTER- Find your second hand swap shop pages on social media .Ask for things you need and watch the messages fly in

️⭐ REUSE or RECYCLE – Try reuse your old art & craft projects, if it’s not possible then make sure you recycle.

There's so much fun to be had turning things into other things just like MAGIC!!

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