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The Wonderful World Of STEAM LEARNING

What is STEAM-based learning ?

STEAM stands for Science,Technology, Engineering Art and Maths

STEAM-based learning Is a philosophy of education that embraces teaching skills in a way that resembles real life!

Steam is a integrated approach to learning that develops critical thinking and encourages kids to think more broadly with a hands-on approach.

Why is STEAM so important and how does it inspire kids ??

Introducing STEAM to kids from a young age cultivate collaborative exploration and problem-solving .Problem-based-learning -through-play is hands down the best way to get kids excited about STEAM. Each of the steam elements share a common approach, they require gathering information to create knowledge or solve problems

STEAM- learning inspires kids to:

🔯Ask questions

🔯Make connections

🔯Problem solved

🔯Think creatively

🔯Be innovative

Now you understand why STEAM is so important, let’s talk about your kids joining the Magical Crafting Club for some CRAFTY fun. Check out the link to see what classes are available ->> LINK

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