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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

YES......You're seeing correctly

These amazing binoculars are creatively crafted from our trusty toilet roll tubes by MCC team members Amy & Olivia!

In a pinch, a sturdy kitchen roll or toilet roll tube, can transform into cool dragons & monsters , owls, castle tops, tress and much more,,,

Not only will they have a ton of fun with these paper tube crafts but they’ll also learn about how important recycling can be!! They will learn new Super Skills using 'STEAM' based crafting techniques.

Need a fun DIY project to keep the kids entertained? These amazing binoculars are a super simple way to get your kids curious and outdoors more! Why not give them a try??

How to make Binoculars:

#1 Grab a couple of toilet roll tubes and cover them with some scrap paper

#2 Decorate them up with some embellishments

#3 Add sticky tape to join them together

#4 Secure them with some string and your are READY!

Doesn’t matter what age you are, we all love to explore. I think these pictures say it all!

For more craft ideas and tutorials why no join our free crafting group? more info HERE

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