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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When children use recycled or upcycled materials to make successful crafts projects, it helps them learn the importance of reusing and helps with landfill issues. Teaching kids about up-cycling at a young age is a lesson that they will carry with themselves all throughout their whole lives and the environment will be grateful.

Amy & Olivia, who are part of the Magical Crafting club recently decided on new bright colours for their bedroom makeover. They got an idea to use their grans old wardrobe and make it their own! (it was bigger than their previous wardrobe 😂. They up-cycled using the leftover paint from their room makeover.

It doesn't stop there.....they went onto changing the colour of their Vanity Table and wall cloud shelves instead of buying a new ones. How clever are these girls! They took turns deciding what part of the table to work on - top or legs - and what colour to use. In the words of the kids 'Team work makes the Dream work !!

We set up our station, water and brushes ready to go!!

We used a few paint colours from Antique White, Dusty Pink and Duck Egg chalk paint.

We added masking tape to help with keeping in the lines of the door section and we applied two coats of paint and lightly sanded in between . The Vanity was plastic and we just painted straight on top.

Saving money is a big plus but more than that, Amy and Olivia are doing hands-on work for accomplishing something much bigger. Not only did they reuse old items but they got to use their imagination and see their very own vision come alive in front of their eyes. This then makes my job easier to explain to them how and why recycling is important.

You can see how much fun they are having while adding the second coat of chalk paint !!

Another the amazing benefit you get from working on a project is to spend some valuable with your kids. Not only will your bond as a family strengthen. I was told ...doing this is more fun than talking, was a bit hard not to be offended 😂 but seriously, the craft will teach everyone involved about patience and the necessity of seeing projects through to the end no matter what.

It's so exciting to see the outcome of their projects, seeing how much fun they had learning new skills and cleaning up at the end!!

More projects like these over on my socials @broxcrafts

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Membro sconosciuto
03 ott 2021

Wow , love this . Well done to the two girls for getting so involved 😀👏👏👏👏

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