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What fun the kids had creating Sock Spiders & Straw Robots at the Magical Crafting Club workshops 🎃

I was SO HAPPY to meet all the kids and especially happy when they say things like...I'm having so much fun, i've never done this before , this is so exciting, then singing, making new friends and learning new skills while shouting Miss Teacher 😂😂

Being part of the Magical Crafting club has so many benefits for the kids (in-person or the online membership platform)

It's not always about the outcome of the creation, it’s more about the learning along the way that’s KEY 🗝

⭐ Here are some of the STEAM based crafts benefits ⭐

✂Learning new skills

✂Improving fine motor skills

✂Problem solving

✂Building confidence

✂Expanding the imagination

✂Freedom to enjoy creativity

Crafting and mindfulness really do go hand in hand.Helping kids slow down, take their time, and focus on something in a way that’s both relaxing and stress free. Kids take ownership of their crafts and love the responsibility for their craft tools & learn about using recycled materials !!

This is why I built the Magical Crafting Club , to help kids be more mindful and get super creative as often as they can. 🙏

Want to know more about the MCC?? Click HERE

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