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Monkeys are one animal that always seem to bring a smile to our faces. Whether it’s their hilarious expressions, amazing acrobatic abilities, or just how cute they are monkeys are hard not to love.

I found this SUPER cute monkey in my local Thrift shop and just had to have him!!

I wanted to create something really cool for the garden, so I decided to dig out all the paint I was gifted some time back.

This project really wasn't difficult at all and just took some time and patience to complete .I painted on 2 coats of Dulux tester pot paint in 'Costal Grey' to give the monkey a stone like appearance, then sealed using Rust-Oleum Polyurethane Finish to seal my project!!

Some cool facts about WHY it's cool to have a Monkey in your garden......

  • The monkey spirit animal is a powerful symbol of GOOD LUCK

  • The monkey represents a playful and light-hearted version of yourself

  • The meaning of the monkey seeks to awaken your youthful and cheerful spirit, and the inner child in you

When you have all these wonderful things working for you, you can achieve ANYTHING!

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