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The past few weeks over in the Magical Crafting Club, we have been creating our very own Craft Box, collecting our craft essentials and getting our craft areas organised!

The kids got really creative and truly excited about adding their CRAFT STASH essentials!

We started by digging out our old shoe boxes, scrap paper, old magazines , stickers and don't forget our trusty toilet roll tubes. We grabbed a few supplies to help us along the way!!

We started with our glue stick ,scissors and sticky tape.

We then cut up sections of our scrap paper, layering them onto the box in different directions with our glue stick. We wanted to create a fun design using all our pieces of scrap paper.

WOW...Isn't this starting to look really awesome guys???

Once we have glued down all our scrap paper, we decided to add embellishments like stickers, cut outs from our magazines to personalise our craft box.

The next step we added our trusty toilet roll tubes and boxes for our craft supply compartments. This helps keep all your craft essentials in place when you are creating your fun crafty projects!

Why is it a BENEFIT to create your own Craft Box??

  • Organizing a craft box is a helpful solution

  • When you have limited space to store crafty essentials

  • Better organised for craft time

  • Introducing practical skills

  • Learning opportunities for younger kids to be more organised and tidy as they go

  • Easier access for kids with limited independent to craft supplies

  • Gives kids a sense of ownership and responsibility

  • Helps kids build on their craft essentials for future projects

If you would like to know more about making your own Craft Box like our little crafters or joining in on the fun over in the Magical Crafting Club then click for more info!!

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