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How to Brew Up Some Spooky Magic!!

Crafting some floating ghosts garland from recycled coffee cup lids

Do you ever find yourself sipping on a takeaway coffee, and your mind starts to wander into the realm of DIY creativity? Well, you're not alone!

Today, we're going to show you how to transform those discarded coffee cup lids into something absolutely adorable – floating ghost garlands! This upcycling craft is not only fun but also a fantastic way to engage your kids in creative activities while teaching them essential skills.

Plus, it's a sustainable approach to Halloween decorating that will leave your kids with a sense of achievement and a smile on everyone's face.

Let’s Unleash Your Inner Ghostmaker

Materials You'll Need:

  • Empty coffee cups lids

  • Black permanent marker or paint

  • String or wool

  • Black bin bags or material (any scraps will do)

  • Scissors

The Spellbinding Steps

Clean and Prepare: Make sure your coffee lids are clean and dry. Remove any stickers or labels.

.Add Faces: Use your black permanent marker to draw ghostly faces on each lid. Get creative with different expressions! Remember to have the hole in the lid at the top for the string later

String Them Up: Cut a length of string or wool to your desired ghost length. Thread it through the holes in your ghostly lids and tie a knot at the top

String The Garland: Cut a length of string or wool to your desired garland length. Thread your ghostly lids through the string

Secure the String: To keep the lids in place, use tape or pin to attached to the wall.Spread out your ghosts

Spooky up the garland: To keep the lids in place, Slice up some black bin bags or material in to long strips.Tie sporadically on to the string between the ghosts

Hang and Enjoy: Find the perfect spot to display your floating ghost garland – it could be over a doorway, on a mantel, or even outdoors. Watch as your spooky creations dance in the breeze!

Watch the full tutorial on my Facebook page - Link

Why Upcycling Matters:

Creating Halloween decorations from recycled coffee lids is not just a fun activity but also an educational experience for kids. It teaches them about repurposing, creativity, and the importance of sustainability. It's a win-win situation – you get unique, budget-friendly decorations, and your kids learn valuable life skills.

So, next time you treat yourself to a takeaway coffee, remember that those cups hold the potential for some spooky magic. Get your kids involved, have fun crafting, and embrace a more sustainable approach to Halloween decorating. Your floating ghost garland will not only make your home look spook-tacular but also fill it with a sense of accomplishment and eco-friendly pride.

Happy crafting!

Jo xx

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