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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Who knew collecting shells at the beach and keeping broken jewellery could turn into a fun craft on a rainy afternoon??

We decided to use DAS modelling clay for this craft. Amy & Olivia took chunks of clay and flattened using their hands , from there they cut out shapes using tin cans and a small cutting tool.

To create fun texture they used different objects like- Ends of a pencil & pieces of jewellery .

We used a stick to create a hole to add our string (old shoelace) to hang their awesome decoration.

Next was the really FUN part....adding the shells and broken jewellery. They did this by pressing their chosen objects into the clay shapes and leaving to dry overnight!!

What an AMAZING easy craft to try with your kids at home!!

Why not start collecting bit and bobs for your next Crafty session. Remember to head to my social media @broxcrafts to share your amazing photos or join us on our Free Crafting Group!!

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